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contents - volume 123 (part 1)

Published 27th January 2011

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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Southern Grass Emerald Chlorissa cloraria (Hübner, [1813]) (Lep.: Geometridae) new to the Channel Islands. Philip H. Sterling and Peter D. M. Costen 1-11

The Immigration of Lepidoptera to the British Isles in 2008. Sean P. Clancy 13-44


Elephant Hawk-moth Deilephila elpenor (L.) (Lep.: Sphingidae) feeding at sugar. Roy Leverton 11

Important Lepidoptera records from the Rothamsted Insect Survey light-trap at Starcross, devon (VC 3) in 2009. Philip J. L. Gould
Tamarisk Peacock Chiasmia aestimaria (Hb.) (Lep.: Geometridae) – a species new to Sussex. Steven Teale 45-46

Cydia indivisa danilevsky, 1963 (Lep.: Tortricidae) new to Britain and other interesting records from Bernwood Forest in Buckinghamshire. Dave Wilton 46-49

Gastrophysa viridula (de Geer) (Col.: Chrysomelidae) does still occur in Kent. Richard A. Jones 50

The Vapourer Orgyia antiqua L. (Lep.: Lymantriidae), on the Channel Islands. Philip J. L. Gould 50-51

A belated record of Elaphropus (formerly Tachys) parvulus (dejean) (Col.: Carabidae) from West Sussex. Richard A. Jones 51

Two unusual macro-moth records from Buckinghamshire. Dave Wilton 51-53

Valenzuela atricornis McLachlan (Psocoptera: Caeciliusidae) new to Leicestershire and the East Midlands. Keith N. A. Alexander 53

Philophorus cinnamopterus (Kirschbaum) (Het. Miridae) in Edinburgh – a new species for Scotland. Nick A. Littlewood 53-54

First instar Chorthippus brunneus (Thunberg) (Orth.: Acrididae) in October. Raymond W. J. Uffen 54

Late records of an aberrant Miltochrista miniata (Forst.) Rosy Footman and Eilema depressa (Esp.) Buff Footman (Lep.: Arctiidae): in dorset (VC 9). Leslie J. Hill 55

Book Review

Provisional Atlas of the UK’s Larger Moths by Les Hill, Zoë Randle, Richard Fox and Mark Parsons 55-56