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contents - volume 125 (part 3)

Published 25th May 2013

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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The immigration of Lepidoptera to the British Isles in 2010. Sean P. Clancy 81-107

Notes on the apparent status of Agonopterix atomella (D.& S.) (Lep.: Depressariidae). M. S. Parsons and A. M. Davis 111-113

Depressaria pyrenaella sp. n. – a confused species from south-western Europe (Lep.: Depressariidae). Jan Šumpich 114-118

Chilades trochylus (Freyer, [1845]) (Lep.: Lycaenidae) confirmed for the Bulgaria fauna and doubt cast on earlier records of this and other species. Assen Ignatov, Paul Wetton and Stoyan Beshkov 119-122


Butterflies in south-east Fylde, Lancashire – 2004 to 2011. Malcolm Evans 108-110

Idaea elongaria (Rambur, 1833) (Lep.: Geometridae) in Wiltshire, a new species for the British Isles. David Brotheridge 123-124

Moths new to the Isle of Wight in 2012. Sam Knill-Jones 124