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contents - volume 128 (part 2)

Published 25th March 2016

Peer-reviewed Papers:

Oegoconia novimundi (Busck, 1915) (Lep.: Autostichidae) new to Britain. Rachel Terry 57-62

Pine-tree Lappet Dendrolimus pini (L.) (Lep.: Lasiocampidae) in Scotland: the evidence for a relict indigenous population versus recent introduction. Roy Leverton 63-85

Monmouthshire surveys for Agonopterix atomella ([D. & S.], 1775) (Lep.: Depressariidae), with a brief update on its status in England. Mark Parsons and George Tordoff 86-88

Addenda and amendments to A Checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles on account of subsequently published data. David J. L. Agassiz, S. D. Bevan and R. J. Heckford 94-98

Pempeliella bulgarica sp.nov.: A new species closely related to Pempeliella sororiella (Zeller, 1839) (Pyraloidea, Pyralidae, Phycitinae) and some new synonymies. František Slamka and Colin W. Plant 99-111

Contributions to knowledge of the life cycle of Epiorna abessynica (Koch, 1865) (Lep.: Zygaenidae). Jirí Klír 112-120

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Recent identifications of notable microlepidoptera from Jersey, Channel Islands. Roger Long 88-89

Variation in the Common White Wave Cabera pusaria (L.) (Lep.: Geometridae) including a Scottish example of the form heyeraria Herrich-Schäffer and notes on the male genitalia of the species. John T. Knowler and E. Geoffrey Hancock 90-93

Samia cynthia (Drury, 1773) (Lep.: Saturniidae) in Italy in October 2015. Christopher A. Young 120


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