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contents - volume 128 (part 5)

Published 25th September 2016

Peer-reviewed Papers:

Rudimentary temperature experiments conducted on the pupae of Argynnis aglaja (L.) (Lep.: Nymphalidae). J. C. Weir 230-237

Agrochola luteogrisea (Warren, 1911) new for Bulgaria and Serbia and Dryobotodes servadeii Parenzan, 1982 (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) new for Serbia with taxonomic notes on Dryobotodes servadeii and Dryobotodes monochroma (Esper, [1790]). Stoyan Beshkov 245-256

A rare Irish Caddisfly Ctynus insolutus McLachlan, 1878 (Trichoptera: Polycentropodidae) discovered at Belle Lake, County Waterford. James P. O’Connor and Mary O’Connor 259-263

A new species of Eucalyptus Psyllid Ctenarytaina spatulata Taylor, 1997 (Hemiptera: Aphalaridae: Spondyliaspidinae) recorded from Great Britain. Alexander F. C. Greenslade 265-267

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Microloxia herbaria (Hübner, 1813) (Lep.: Gemetridae): Britain’s second example. Chris Stott and Robert Homan 221-224

A puzzle – seeking a solution. Graham Wenman and Catherine Wellings 224

Unusual form of the Heart and Dart Agrotis exclamationis (L.) (Lep.: Noctuidae). Dafydd Lewis 225

Possible crypric resemblance of male Hepialus humuli (L.) to grass inflorescences. J. C. Weir 226-227

Two and half Northumberland moth encounters. Tom Tams 228-229

Emperor Moth Saturnia pavonia (L.) (Lep.: Saturniidae) assembling experiment. Roy Leverton 237-238

Some interesting moths in Hertfordshire and Middlesex during July and August 2016. Ben Sale, Graeme J. Smith and Colin W. Plant 239-243

Observations on the behaviour of Hipparchia fidia (L.) (Lep.: Satyridae) from Majorca, Balearic Islands. J. C. Weir 263-264


Cover picture appeal 238

Book Reviews

A catalogue and atlas of the caddisflies (Trichoptera) of Ireland 244

Moths, myths and Mosquitoes. The eccentric life of Harrison G. Dyar Jr 257

The sting of the wild 258

The lives of Lepidopterists 268