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contents - volume 129 (part 4)

Published 25th July 2017

Peer-reviewed Papers:

Achroia grisella (Fabricius, 1794) (Lep.: Pyralidae): observations on the larva and adult. R. J. Heckford 179-186

Seven new and some rare for Serbia nocturnal Lepidoptera species collected at light. Stoyan Beshkov & Ana Nahirnic189-205

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Aberrant form of Riband Wave Idaea aversata (L.) (Lep.: Geometridae) on Scilly. Bob Dawson and Roy Lawson 165-168

Status of the Tissue Triphosa dubitata (L.) (Lep.: Geometridae) in Scotland with some observations of overwinterieng individuals. Katy Baird and Mark Cubitt 168-172

Reed-bed Wainscots’ in Scotland. Mark Cubitt 172-175

An April record of Prays peregina Agassiz, 2006 (Lep.: Praydidae). Stella D. Beavan 176-178

Apatania muliebris McLachlan, 1866 (Trichoptera: Apataniidae), a caddisfly new the Northern Ireland. James P. O’Connor 186-187

Catoptria permutatellus (H.-S.) (Lep.: Crambidae): A second record for England, from Norfolk. Dave Jones 188

Yet more moths new to Hertfordshire. Colin W. Plant 206-210

Pammene suspectana (Lien. & Zell., 1846) (Lep.: Tortricidae): new for the north of England. Charles H. Fletcher and David I. Hunton 210-212