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contents - volume 131 (part 3)

Published 25th May 2019

Peer-reviewed Papers:

Observations on the larva and foodplants of Lobesia reliquana (Hübner, [1825]) )Lep.: Tortricidae, Olethreutinae). S. D. Beavan & R. J. Heckford 105-121

The Box-tree moth Cydalima perspectalis (Walker, 1859) in Britain: an overview of its spread and current status. Colin W. Plant, Chris Poole, Andrew Salisbury, Stephanie Bird 122-147

Cnephidia fuscorubra Riel, 1928, described from France: a new synonym of Alophia combustella (Herrich-Schäffer, 1855) (Lep.: Pyralidae, Phycitinae). František Slamka 148-149

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Nematopogon magna (Zeller, 1878) (Lep.: Adelidae). Rediscovery in Yorkshire after more than one hundred years. Harry E. Beaumont 150-151

Preliminary data confirms the presence of Gymnancyla hornigii (Lederer, 1852) (Lepidptera: Pyralidae) in Spain. J. Girdley, M. Garre, J. J. Guerrero, R. M. Rubio& A. S. Ortiz 152-153

The Four-spotted Moth Tyta luctuosa (D. & S.), the Grizzled Skipper butterfly Pyrgus malvae (L.) and the Emperor Moth Saturnia pavonia (L.) at Werrington Brook Brain, Peterborough, in 2018. Paul Waring 153-156