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contents - volume 131 (part 5)

Published 25th September 2019

Peer-reviewed Papers:

A new Irish locality for the rare Caddisfly Limnephilus pati O’Connor (Trichoptera: Limnephilidae). James P. O’Connor, Jervis A. Good & Ian D. Wallace 209-215

Epermenia insecurella (Stainton, 1849) (Lep.: Epermeniidae) rediscovered in the Isle of Wight after 92 years and consideration of the type locality. R. J. Heckford & S. D. Beavan 217-226

Quantitive comparison of catches made by two bulbs fitted to Robinson moth-traps. Clive Craik & Andy McLeod 228-235

A contribution to knowledge of Balkan Lepidoptera: some new and rare species for Albania and North Macedonia (Lepidoptera). Stoyan Beshkov& Ana Nahirnic 242-260

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Anal protrusion in a lepidoptera larva – a possible explanation? Andrew Wood 216

Taking the pea. Graham Wenman 227

Water Betony Shargacucullia scrophulariae (D. & S.) (Lep.: Noctuidae) new to Jersey, Channel Islands. Roger Long 235-236

Further observations of Lepidoptera unexpectedly attracted to VES synthetic pheromone lure. Mark Hammond 237-238

A Light Knot Grass Acronicta menyanthidis in Buckinghamshire (VC24) and some other recent records in interest. Richard Ellis 239-241