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Advertising in the Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation:

This page contains information on how you can advertise in the journal.

The journal appears six times per year, on 25th day of January, March, May, July, September and November. We print around 600 copies.
The journal reaches the bulk of Britain's entomological community and is also taken by libraries and universities both in Britain and overseas, particularly in the USA.

Reader profile:

A reader profile may be obtained on request by clicking here

If you are thinking about sponsoring us in some way, please contact the Editor by clicking here and then E-mail us with your name, your company name (if appropriate) and your telephone number where we can call you back and chat.

There are three ways of advertising in the Entomologists Record

. By enclosing a flyer
. By purchasing page space
. By sponsorship

Enclosing a flyer:

This is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way of advertising with us and is the method we recommend.

Our envelopes are A5 size (148 x 210 mm). Inserts must be A5 or smaller. Larger items will be folded and an additional charge will be levied for items which need to be folded (see last line in the table below - it is better for you to fold them before they reach us).

There is a charge for inserting the flyer and there is an additional charge, dependant upon the weight of the included item, to cover the increase in postage costs. Adding these together gives the following charges (these must be net after currency conversion if payment is received from overseas). Over 100 gms we will need a larger envelope - so contact us with details.


Single insertion

Each extra insertion of same item
in the same publication year
Item under 50 grams
£ 100
£ 50
Item 50 - 100 grams
£ 200
£ 100
Item over 100 gms
Contact Editor
Contact Editor
Extra cost per fold to finish at A5
£ 35
£ 35

If you do wish to insert a flyer or other item in the journal please notify the editor and inform him of the particular issue of the journal in which you wish to make an insertion and also the correct address to which an invoice for payment should be sent.

Items for insertion must be delivered, carriage paid, to our distributors by 1st day of the month of publication unless a later date has been agreed. We will make every attempt to include insertions which are received late, but we do not accept responsibility for non-insertion if the material to be inserted is not received in time.

Please deliver items for insertion to:

Entomologists Record (Insertions)
Cravitz Printing Co. Ltd
1 Tower Hill
CM14 4TA

Please do not send items for insertion to the editorial address

Purchasing Page Space:

Because the six issues of the journal are designed to be bound into a single volume at the end of each year, we do not incorporate advertisements on the same page as journal contents. Adverts are thus printed on extra pages between wrapper and text. It follows, therefore, that if we have one advert, we must fill 4 sides with adverts - 2 inside the front cover and two inside the rear cover.

This can present problems. As a non-profit journal with voluntary staff we do not have time to chase up 24 pages of adverts each year. Thus, if you wish to purchase page space, please contact us well in advance of the publication date of the issue in which you want the advert to appear so we can try to fill the other pages.

For adverts less than two pages in length it is cheaper to insert a flyer (see above).

Charges for single insertions from CRC provided:

. Half page £100
. Full page £130
. Two full pages £200
. Three full pages £250
. Four full pages £290

Additional charges will be incurred if we need to lay out the advert for you.

Electronic CRC is preferred. Please E-mail this to the Editor.

Paper CRC should be mailed to the Editor at
14 West Road
Bishops Stortford
CM23 3QP

Advertising through Sponsorship:

Please click here to go to further information on sponsorship