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contents - volume 117 (part 5)

Published 25th September 2005

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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A new species of Phyllocolpa Benson Phyllocolpha rolleri sp. nov. (Hym.:Tenthredinidae, Nematinae) on Salix hastata. Andrew D. Liston 183-185

The Elachista regificella Sircom complex (Lep.: Elachistidae) in Britain. Lauri Kaila and John R. Langmaid 187-193

The use of countryside stewardship scheme field margins by the Small Skipper Thymelicus sylvestris (Poda), Essex Skipper Thymelicus lineola (Ochs.) and Large Skipper Ochlodes venata (Brem. & Grey) (Lep.: Hesperiidae). R. G. Field, G.Watkins and T. Gardiner 197-203

Collecting in Lappland, June & July 2004. A. J. Pickles 207-220

Eurydema ornatum (L.) (Hem.: Pentatomidae) established on the Dorset coast and a key to European Eurydema species. David Slade, Andrew R. Collins and Bernard S. Nau 221-227


The Sword-grass Xylena exsoleta (L.) (Lep.: Noctuidae): Monitoring difficulties. Roy Leverton 185-186

Sword-grass Xylena exsoleta (L.) (Lep.: Noctuidae) larva found in north Norfolk in 1948. John F. Burton 186

Hazards of butterfly collecting. Far-off places, strange foods. Torben B. Larsen 194-196

A thirsty tortoiseshell. K. F. Williams 196

Some observations on moths laying eggs. Paul Waring 204-205

Cydia amplana (Hb.) (Lep.: Tortricidae) in the New Forest, Hampshire. Sean Clancy 206

Isoscelipteron glasserellum (Aspöck, Aspöck & Holzel, 1979) (neu.: Berothidae) in Spain. Colin W. Plant 206

Abraxus grossulariata (L.) (Lep.: Geometridae). Further records of larvae feeding on leaves of Sedum spectabile 220

Dasychira pudibunda L. (Lep.: Lymantriidae) melanism in north-west Kent. B.K. West 227-228

Annulet Charissa obscurata (D. & S.) (Lep.: Geometridae) larva on Silene maritime. Roy Leverton 229

Book Reviews:

Catalogue of Ceutorhynchinae of the World, with a key to genera (Insecta:Coleoptera: Curculionidae) by Enzo Colonnelli 229-230