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contents - volume 118 (part 3)
Published 25th May 2006

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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The Striped Lychnis Moth Shargacucllia lychnitis (Rambur) (Lep.: Noctuidae): A review of its distribution in Buckinghamshire (VC 24) during 2005. Peter Hall, Andrew McVeigh, Martin Albertini 97-102

Changes in the behaviour of double-brooded macro moths in Yorkshire. Charles H. Fletcher 105-113

Armyworms (Dip: Sciaridae) in West Scotland in 2005. J. C. A. Craik, P. Wormell and S. Austin 115-122

A significant interception of the Green Vegetable Bug, Nezara viridula (Linnaeus) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in the UK. Sharon Reid 123-125


Feathered Thorn, Colotois pennaria (L.) (Lep.: Geometridae: A very late record in Bedfordshire. Andy Banthorpe 103

Late-flying specimens of Pyla fusca (Haw.) (Lep.: Pyralidae) in Hertfordshire Philip J. L. Gould 114

Some interesting moths seen in Devon during 2004 and 2005 Roy McCormick 126-127

Peribatodes rhomboidaria (D. & S.)(Lep.: Geometridae): changes in appearance time and polymorphism in north-west Kent B. K. West 128-132

Progress in the study of the ecology and management of the Marsh Moth Athetis pallustris (Hbn.) (Lep.: Noctuidae) by monitoring of larvae Paul Waring 312-134

Hazards of butterfly collecting: Sm¿rebr¿dsmelleml¾gspapir Torben B. Larsen 125-136

A population of the White-spotted Pinion moth Cosmia diffinis (L.)(Lep.: Noctuidae) located in Bedfordshire Paul Waring & John Day 137-139

Biston betularia L. ab. albapicata Cockayne (Lep.: Geometridae) in Kent B. K. West 139

Slender Ground-hopper Tetrix subulata (L.) (Orth.: Tetrigidae) in Northamptonshire K. F. Williams 139

New species of Lepidoptera to the Isle of Wight Sam Knill-Jones140

The Juniper Pug, Eupithecia pusillata (D. & S.) (Lep.: Geometridae), a first for Jersey Philip J. L. Gould 140-141

Chrysocrambus linetella (Fabr.) (Lep.: Pyralidae) in the Channel Islands Roger Long 141

Infurcitinea argentimaculella (Stt.) (Lep: Tineidae, Meessiinae): A first record for Yorkshire Rob Edmunds 141

Euplagia quadripunctaria Poda (Lep.: Arctiidae) in north-west Kent and a previously unrecorded larval foodplant B. K. West 141-142

Moths at birch sap Mark Parsons & Kelly Thomas 142-143

The first records of Gonocerus acuteangulatus (Goeze) (Het.: Coreidae) in Buckinghamshire and another Hampshire record Martin C. Harvey 144

Subscriber notices:

The National Macro-moth Recording Scheme. Mark Parsons103-104

The Moths and Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland. Harley Books104

Scottish Natural Heritage - natural heritage of the Cairngorms. Euan A. M. MacAlpine 134