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contents - volume 118 (part 4)
Published 25th July 2006

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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The Immigration of Lepidoptera to the British Isles in 2002. Sean Clancy and Bernard Skinner 145-177

Scarlet Malachite Beetle Malachius aeneus (L.) (Col.: Melyridae): status and distribution in the UK. Rob Coleman 179-183


Effect of survey start time on counts of the Glow-worm Lampyris noctiluca (Col.: Lampyridae). Tim Gardiner 184-185

Hazards of butterfly collecting. From the Nilgiri to the Biligiriranga Mountains, South India, 1986. Torben B. Larsen 185-187

A further study of the behavioural patterns of five species of British butterfly whilst in copula. Sam Knill-Jones 188-191

Subscriber notices:

Recording arrangements in north-west Wales 178

Book Reviews:

North West Wales Lepidoptera Report 2003 (Adroddiad Lepidoptera Gogledd Orllewin Cymru) compiled by John Harold and Andrew Graham 191

A Coleopterist’s Handbook (4th Edition) edited by J. Cooter and M.V.L. Barclay 192