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contents - volume 126 (part 2)

Published 25thMarch 2014

Peer-reviewed Papers:

Stenoptilia islandicus (Staudinger, 1857) (Lep.: Pterophoridae) at a new site in the Breadalbane region, Perthshire, Scotland and a review of British records. R. J. Heckford and S. D. Beavan 41-47

Biodiversity, Lepidoptera and urban biotopes in Berlin. Matthew Gandy 49-57

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dispersive behaviour by male Chalk Hill Blue Polyommatus coridon (Poda) (Lep.: Lycaenidae). Roy Leverton 48

Bedstraw Hawk-moth Hyles gallii (Rott.) (Lep.: Sphingidae) recorded in north Kent. Roger Hayward 62

Have you seen this moth? Diachrysia stenochrysis (Warren) – past, present and future. Colin W. Plant 63-66

Coleophora binderella (Kollar) new to Northern Ireland (Lep.: Colephoridae). Jon Clifton and Ken G. M. Bond 67

Moths new the Isle of Wight in 2013. Sam Knill-Jones 67-68

The White Point Mythimna albipuncta (d. & S.), now probably resident in South Cambridgeshire (Lep.: Noctuidae). Jim Reid 68-69

The rediscovery of Scrobipalpa pauperella (Heinemann) (Lep.: Gelechiidae) in Britain. Harry E. Beaumont and Charles H. Fletcher 69-70

Some notes on Microlepidoptera in West Norfolk, VC28 in 2013. Ian Barton and Kathleen Rosewarne 70-73

Unusual variation of Argyresthia sp. (Lep.: Argyresthiidae) = Argyresthia goedartella (Linnaeus, 1758) f. literella (Haworth, 1828). T. H. Freed and R. J. Heckford 73-74

Pocock’s Wood near Peterborough – only one moth with three light-traps running all night in broad-leaved ancient woodland in late May 2013! Paul Waring 74-75

Even pheromones can spring surprises. Jim Reid 75-76

Comibaena bajularia (d. & S.) the Blotched Emerald (Lep.: Geometridae) ab. rosea Cockayne. David Wilson 76-77

Exceptional catches of Heart and dart Agrotis exclamationis (L.) (Lep.: Noctuidae) in devon in 1970. J. C. A. Craik

Nothochrysa fulviceps (Stephens) (Neur.: Chrysopidae) at Martlesham Heath,77-79 East Suffolk. Steve Goddard 80-81


Robert ‘Bob’ Stephen George 58-62

Book Reviews

Checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles . 82-84