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Submitting Photographs to the Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation:

This page contains 2 items:

. Information on acceptable file formats
. Information on how to submit a picture file

Copyright of photographs is normally retained by the photographer concerned. Click here for copyright information.

Information on acceptable file formats:

Our printers are able to accept electronic versions of drawings and photographic images submitted for publication.
If you can send an electronic version, please feel free to do so. Electronic images save us money that we would otherwise have to pay for scanning but the originals help us to ensure that colour reproduction is accurate.

If you are not able to send electronic images (perhaps you do not have access to a scanner) this is not a problem. Just send the original photo/slide and leave it to us.

Images should be large, clear and have good contrast - what you may consider your best photo is not necessarily the best one in terms of reproduction. Please do not be offended if we ask for a different image. Please send images as large as possible - at least 300dpi

Phtographic images may be sent as:

. Tiff
. Photoshop eps
. Gif

Line drawings and similar may be sent as:

. Tiff
. eps

Other formats may be acceptable - please contact us if you are unable to send one of the preferred formats.

Information on how to submit a picture file:

If you are sending any unexpected attachment with an E-mail message, it is vitally important that the body of your e-mail message tells me

. who you are
. what the attachment/s is/are

Because of past problems with viruses, unsolicited attachments which are not identified clearly will be deleted without being opened.
If you have already sent me the paper/note and are now sending a drawing/photo/etc, please quote the reference number of the paper/note in the body of your E-mail message so that I can file it in the right place.

In all cases where you are sending a colour photograph, please also send the original photograph/slide to the Editor. If you do not do this we can not guarantee that colour reproduction will be the same as in the original picture.

You can send papers/notes/drawings/photos by clicking HERE or go to the relevant pages of this site via the Home Page.