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Sponsoring the Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation:

This page contains information on how you can sponsor the journal.

We are a non profit-making journal. The people involved are all unpaid (except that the Editor receives expenses to cover postage, telephones etc). We charge a subscription that covers costs - there are no profits at the end of the year. However, th we would like to reduce the subscription so that the journal is available to a wider audience.

We welcome enquiries from organisations or individuals who may wish to sponsor the journal in some way - either through pure altruism or for more mercenary reasons. We don't mind which!

Each sponsorship arrangement is treated separately. You may sponsor an entire volume or just a single page. What you get in return varies accordingly and is a matter for discussion.

As a general guideline, the following figures may be useful to potential sponsors:

 sponsor a single page
we expect to receive at least £100
 sponsor a singe page of colour plate
we expect to receive at least £200
sponsor an entire issue (minimum 48 pages)
we expect to receive at least £1000
sponsor an entire volume (6 issues - 1 year)
we expect to receive at least £3000

The journal appears six times per year, on 25th day of January, March, May, July, September and November. We print around 600 copies.

The journal reaches the bulk of Britain's entomological community and is also taken by libraries and universities both in Britain and overseas, particularly in the USA.

If you are thinking about sponsoring us in some way, please contact the Editor by clicking HERE and E-mail us with your name, your company name (if appropriate) and your telephone number where we can call you back and chat.

Alternatively, please contact the Editor at:

14 West Road,
Bishops Stortford,
Hertfordshire, CM23 3QP.