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subscriber notices

Submitting a Subscriber Notice to the Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation:

This page tells you how to submit a Subscriber Notice

Subscribers to the journal may submit advertisements for entomological events or entomological publications. They may also offer entomological equipment for sale if this is offered at a reduced rate for subscribers to this journal and a higher rate for non-subscribers. They may also issue appeals for records or other entomological information.

Notices should normally only occupy a few lines of text in the journal, although longer ones may be acceptable.

Addresses and E-mail addresses may be included.

Personal telephone and fax numbers should not be included.

The Editor's decision is final in deciding whether or not a notice is accepted.

Non-subscribers should contact the editor before sending any Notice. A small charge may be applicable.

How to submit a Subscriber Notice:

Prepare your notice is a format that can be read by Microsoft Word 2000 software.

Click on this line and type a message that includes your name and the nature of the attachment.

Attach your Notice to the E-mail and send it.


It is absolutely essential that the body of your E-mail message tells me who you are and that you are attaching an item for the Entomologists Record. This is because most computer viruses are spread via unsolicited E-mail attachments and usually become active when the attachment is opened.

Any E-mail message that does not meet these requirements will be deleted without being opened.

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