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contents - volume 116 (part 2)

Published 25th March 2004

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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On the early stages of the Reed Leopard Moth Phragmataecia castaneae Hb. (Lep.: Cossidae. David Wilson 49-53

The Green Vegetable Bug Nezara viridula (L., 1758) (Hem.: Pentatomidae) new to Britain. M.V.L. Barclay 55-58

The utilisation of two metre countryside stewardship field scheme grass margins by Meadow Brown Maniola jurtina (L.) (Lep.: Nymphalidae). R.G. Field and C.F. Mason 61-67

Sturmia bella (Meigen) (Dipt. Tachinidae). New to Wales. Eddie John 75-77

More aberrations of Colias electo electo L. (Lep.: Pieridae) from the Cape, South Africa. Leonard McLeod 85-89


The decline in incidence of ab. ruficosta Lempke of the Brimstone Moth Opisthograptis luteolata (L.) (Lep.: Geometridae) in north-west Kent. B.K. West 54

The season is not over until . . . Mark Cooper 59

Miltochrista miniata Forst. ab. flava de Graff (Lep.: Arctiidae) in north-west Kent. B.K.West 59

Papilio dardanus Brown ab. obscura ab. nov. (Lep.: Papilionidae). Leonard McLeod and Gabrielle McLeod 60

Mythimna albipuncta (D.&S.) in north-west Kent. David Agassiz 67

Hazards of butterfly collecting - Rendezvous in Algeciras - Morocco/Spain, 1968. Torben B. Larsen 68-69

Cosmopterix zieglerella (Hb.) (Lep.: Cosmopterigidae) new to Hampshire. Rob Edmunds 70

Colephora hemerobiella (Scop.) (Lep.: Colephoridae) - the second Hampshire record. Rob Edmunds 70-71

Scrobipalpa costella (Humph. & West.) (Lep.: Gelechiidae) adult in winter. Martin C.Harvey 71

Cochylidia implicitana (Wocke) (Lep.: Tortricidae) in south-west Scotland. K.P.Bland 72

Argyresthia cupressella Walsingham, 1890 (Lep.: Yponomeutidae) a possible means of range extension by road. R.J. Heckford 72-73

The doubtful Moray record of Lepyrus capucinus (Schaller) (Col.: Curculionidae). M.G. Morris 73

The generic names of the British Phytophaga (Coleoptera) explained. A.A. Allen 74

Dewick's Plusia, Macdunnoughia confusa Steph. (Lep.: Noctuidae) in Hampshire. Alec S. Harmer 77

Lepidoptera on Hop Humulus lupulus at Etton, Northamptonshire (VC 32), in 2003.Paul Waring 77-78

Comments on the Buttoned Snout Hypena rostralis (L.) (Lep.: Noctuidae) in Hertfordshire. Colin W. Plant 78-79

The spread of Cnephasia genitalana Pierce & Metcalfe (Lep.: Tortricidae) in Huntingdonshire (VC 31) 80-81

Recent large outbreaks of Magpie Moth Abraxas grossulariata L. (Lep.: Geometridae) on heather Calluna vulgaris (L.) Hull on the mainland of north-west Scotland. David Horsfield and Angus J. MacDonald 80-83

Least Yellow Underwing Noctua interjecta Hb. ssp. caliginosa (Schawerda) (Lep.:Noctuidae) in Dumfires and Galloway. Richard and Barabara Mearns 84

Red-headed Chestnut Conistra erythrocephala (D.&S.) (Lep.: Noctuidae): The first Devon specimen since 1906. Roy McCormick 89

Convolvulus Hawk-moth Agrius convolvuli (L.) (Lep.: Sphingidae) in Hampshire. K.J. Coker 90

Bloxworth Snout Hypena obsitalis (Hb.) (Lep.: Noctuidae) overwintering in Devon. Roy McCormick 90

Two records of the Snow Flea Boreus hyemalis (Mec.: Boreidae) from West Wales. Sam Bosanquet 93

Lasius brunneus (Latreille) (Hym.: Formicidae) and Yellow-legged Clearwing Synanthedon vespiformis (L.) (Lep.: Sesiidae) in Kensington Gardens, Inner London. C.M. Everett 94


John David Bradley, 1920 - 2004 91-92

Book Reviews:

Studying invertebrates by C. Philip Wheater and Penny A. Cook 94-95

Of moths and men, intrigue, tragedy and the peppered moth by Judith Hooper 95-96