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contents - volume 117 (part 6)

Published 25th November 2005

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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Microlepidoptera Review of 2004. J. R. Langmaid and M. R. Young 231-251

A study of the hibernation behaviour of Hypena rostralis (L.) (Lep.: Noctuidae) - the Buttoned snout moth. R. G. Field and G. Watkins 253-262

Monitoring Glow-worm Lampyris noctiluca L. (Col.: Lampyridae) populations in grazed and mown grasslands. Tim Gardiner and Michelle Gardiner 263-266


A newly discovered colony of Barberry Carpet Pareulype berberata ([D. & S.]) (Lep.:Geometridae) in Oxfordshire. Martin C. Townsend, Paul Waring and Bob Eeles 252

Dasineura thomasiana (Kieffer) (Dip.: Cecidomyiidae), new to the Isle of Man. J. P.O’Connor 266

Hazards of butterfly collecting. Pulling the legs off flies, Banglasdesh, 2002. Torben B.Larsen 267-268

Phyllonorycter leucographella (Zell.) (Lep.: Gracillariidae). Larval mines found on new foodplant. Barry Dickerson 268-269

A note on the Sandhill Rustic Luperina nickerlii demuthi Goater & Skinner (Lep:Noctuidae), especially its apparent capacity to survive under water. Adrian Spalding 269-271

Common rustic Mesapamea secalis (L.) egg-laying on Sand Couch-grass Elytrigia juncea. Adrian Spalding 271

Six-metre grass margins and butterflies. Robin Field. 271-273

Red-tipped Clearwing Synanthedon formicaeformis (Esp.) (Lep.: Sesiidae) rediscovered at Borough Fen Decoy, Northamptonshire, with nearby records from Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire. Paul Waring 273-275

My myiasis or a brief account of the wonderous intercorrectedness of life. Keith Wolfe 275

Book Reviews:

Die Schmetterlinge Baden-Württembergs. Band 10, Ergänzungsband (Supplement) edited by Günter Ebert 276-277

World catalogue of insects. Volume 6. Gracillariidae (Lepidoptera) by Willy de Prins and Jurate de Prins. and volume 7. Amphizoidae, Aspidytidae, Haliplidae, Noteridae and Paelobiidae (Coleoptera, Adephaga) by Anders N. Nilsson and Bernhard J. Van Vondel 277

First Supplement to A Bibliography of Irish Entomology by James P. O'Connor,Patrick Ashe and John Walsh 277

A catalogue and index of the publications of the Irish Biogeographical Society by James P.O'Connor 278

Carabidae de la Península Ibérica y Baleares. vol. 1. Trechini, Bembidiini by V. M.Ortu.o and M. Toribio 278

Addenda et corrigenda 278