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contents - volume 119 (part 2)

Published 25th March 2007

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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Butterflies on farmland: The first 10 years of recording at Writtle College. R. G Field and T. Gardiner 49-56

Uresiphita reversalis (Gueneée, 1854) (Lep.: Pyralidae) new to Britain and Europe. Tony Davis and Doug Miller 59-61

Nineta pallida (Schneider, 1846) (Neu.: Chrysopidae), a lacewing new to the British Isles. Martin C. Harvey and Colin W. Plant 77-82

Rhaphium nasutum (Diptera: Dolichopodidae), Pherbellia rozkosnyi & Tetanocera montana (Dip.: Sciomyzidae), insects new to Ireland and Geomyza balachowski (Dip.: Opomyzidae), presence in Ireland confirmed. Martin C. D. Speight 85-91


Cornifrons ulceratalis (Lederer, 1858) (Lep.: Crambidae) new to France and Syncopacma albifrontella (Heinemann, 1870) (Lep.: Gelechiidae): first published French record. Michael & Brenda Marney 56-58

Nest building and prey stocking in Crossocerus megacephalus (Rossius) (Hym.: Sphecidae). Ross Piper 58

The advantages of ‘Doing the Dirt’: New and interesting moth records for Hertfordshire & Middlesex. Rachel Terry 62-63

Late-flying Silver-ground Carpets Xanthorhoe montanata D. & S. (Lep.: Geometridae) in Banffshire. Roy Leverton 63

Notes on the early stages of Elachista regificella Sircom, 1849 and E. tengstromi Kaila et al., 2001. John R. Langmaid 64-65

Hazards of butterfy collecting. Bumbuna Butterfly Survey – Sierra Leone, May 2006. Torben B. Larsen 65-67

Lepidoptera new to the Isle of Wight in 2006. Sam Knill-Jones 67-68

I married a Moth Man – a warning to new moth spouses. Pat Costen 68-71

Scythris potentillella (Zeller) (Lep.: Scythrididae) new to Hertfordshire. David Murray 71

Pale Shining Brown Polia bombycina (Hufn.) (Lep.: Noctuidae) re-discovered in Oxfordshire in 2005 and 2006 – a nationally significant population of a UK Biodiversity Action Plan Priority Species. Martin C. Townsend and Thomas Merckx 72-74

Diaperis boleti (L.) (Col.: Tenebrionidae) in Hatfield Forest, Essex. Ross Piper 74-75

Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta (L.) (Lep.: Nmyphalidae) courtship in winter. Richard Fox 75-76

Atlantopsocus adustus (Hagen) (Psoc.: Psocidae) new to Britain from East Cornwall. Keith N. A. Alexander 76

An invasion of the Harlequin Ladydird (Harmonia axyridis Pallas) (Col. Coccinellidae) in the South Wight. Sam Knill-Jones 82

A naturalised population of a Mediterranean earwig, Forficula pubescens Gené (Derm.: Forficulidae) in West Sussex. John Paul 83-84

Craniophora ligustri D.&S. (Lep.: Noctuidae): from rarity to population explosion at Dartford, Kent and melanism. B. K. West 92-94

Tomoxia bucephala Costa (Col.: Mordellidae): A case of long persistence in the same locality. A. A. Allen 94

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European invertebrates. Petr Keil 94

Book Reviews:

Pyraloidea of Europe/Europas (Lepidoptera) Volume/Band 1: Pyralinae, Gelleriinae, Epipaschiinae, Cathariinae and Odontiinae by F. Slamka 95-96

Ecology, Phenotypes and the Mendelian Genetics of Burnet Moths (Zygaena
Fabricius, 1775) by W. Gerald Tremewan 96