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contents - volume 120 (part 3)

Published 25th May 2008

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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Bactra venosana (Zeller, 1847) (Lep.: Tortricidae) new to the British Isles from Ireland. Tony Bryant and K. G. M. Bond 97-99

Brown Argus hybrids in the Peak District. Bill Smyllie 101-106

Blasticotoma filiceti Klug, 1834 (Sym.: Blasticotomidae): a sawfly new to Ireland. Jerry Bowdrey 123-124

Investigation of the status of Trogus lapidator (F.) (Hym.: Ichneumonidae) in Britain, a parasitoid of Papilio machaon L. (Lep.: Papilionidae). Geoff Nobes 125-128


The Turnip Sawfly Athalia rosae (L.) (Hym.: Tenthredinidae) in Scotland. Andrew D.Liston 99-100

Northern Arches Apamea zeta assimilis (Doubleday) (Lep.: Noctuidae) discovered in Selkirkshire (Vice-county 79). Malcolm Lindsay 107

Eight days in the Burren (2007). Michael O’Sullivan and John W. Lavery 107 -111

Hazards of butterfly collecting. A funny thing happened on the way to the pub. Torben B. Larsen 118-119

Observations of Atylotus rusticus (L.) (Dip.: Tabanidae) in Sussex during 2006. Andrew Grayson and Alan E. Stubbs 120-122

Nephopterix angustella (Hb.) (Lep.: Pyralidae) a late larval record. R. J Heckford 122

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Second record of the Scarce Hook-tip Sabra harpagula Esp. (Lep.: Drepanidae) on The Channel Islands. Philip J. L. Gould 124