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contents - volume 123 (part 2)

Published 27th March 2011

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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Stages of Olethreutes Arcuella (Clerck, 1759) (Lep.: Tortricidae). R. J. Heckford 64-69

On Saturnia Pavonia (Linnaeus, 1758) and Saturnia Pavoniella (Scopoli, 1763) (Lep.: Saturniidae). Boyan Zlatkov 84-89


The earliest known British mainland record of Jersey Mocha Cyclophora ruficiliaria (Herrich-Schäffer) (Lep.: Geometridae) in Dorset in 1996. Martin Townsend 57-58

Edinburgh Pug Eupithecia intricata millieraria (Wnukowsky) (Lep.: Geometridae)– is this goodbye? Roy Leverton 58-59

Winter Moth Operophtera brumata (L.) (Lep.: Geometridae) males surviving prolonged snow cover. Roy Leverton 59-60

Bucculatrix nigricomella (Zell.) (Lep.: Bucculatricidae) feeding in February. Robert Homan 60

Broad-bordered White Underwing Anarta melanopa (Thunberg) (Lep: Noctuidae) records in the central Southern Uplands, including a first record for Selkirkshire (Vice-county 79). Malcolm Lindsay 61

Further records of Platygastridae (Hym.: Platygastroidea) from the Isle of Man. P. N. Buhl and F. D. Bennett 61-63

New Lepidoptera Records for Kirkcudbrightshire (VC 73). Euan A. M. MacAlpine 70-74

Gravid female Forester moth Adscita statices L. (Lep.: Zygaenidae) nectaring in a Peterborough garden and comments on some other unexpected reports. Paul Waring 77-79

The habits of Dock Leaf Beetle Gastrophysa viridula (De Geer) (Col.: Chrysomelidae). Keith N. A. Alexander 80

Peyerimhoffina gracilis Schneider (Neur.: Chrysopidae) in West Sussex. Tony Davis 80-81

Stathmopoda pedella (Linnaeus, 1761) (Lep.: Oecophoridae), a micromoth new to East Gloucestershire (VC 33), with various accompanying notes on its ecology and conservation. Benedict John Pollard 81-83

Mompha bradleyi Riedl (Lep.: Momphidae) in East Suffolk. Paul Kitchener 83

Cnephasia hellenica Obraztsov, 1956 (Lep. Tortricidae: Tortricinae): an addition to the Bulgarian fauna. H. E. Beaumont 90

Evidence of Sciota adelphella (F. v. R) (Lep.: Pyralidae) breeding in northern Suffolk (VC 25). Paul Kitchener 91-92

Scottish records of the Water Ermine Spilosoma urticae (Esper) (Lep.: Arctiidae). Nick J. Riddiford and Deryk Shaw 92-93

A confusion of Orange Underwings Archiearis parthenias (L.) and A. notha (Hb.) (Lep.: Geometridae). Les Hill, Phil Jenner and Colin W. Plant 93-95

Additions to the Macro-moth list of Huntingdonshire (vice-county 31) and other records of interest during the last decade. Barry Dickerson 95-97

Call for Contributions

Brownfield Moth Special


Arthur H.B. Rydon 74-76

Book Reviews

Pyraloidea (Lepidoptera) of Central Europe/Mitteleuropas by František Slamka 98-99

Porritt’s Lists edited by H. M. Frost, H. E. Beaumont, T. J. Crawford, G. Fryer and C. S. V. Yeates 99-100

Extreme Insects by Richard Jones 100-101

Scorpions of the World by Roland Stockman & Eric Ythier 101-102

British and Irish moths: an illustrated guide to selected difficult species by Martin C. Townsend, Jon Clifton and Brian Goodey 102-104