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contents - volume 124 (part 6)

Published 25th November 2012

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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Microlepidoptera Review of 2011. J.R. Langmaid and M.R. Young 249-276

Pammene ignorata (Kuzn.) (Lep.: Tortricidae): a new Northumberland (VC 67) record. T. J. Tams 282-285


Closterotomus trivialis (A. Costa) arrives in oxford and Agnocoris reclairei (Wagner) returns (Hem.: miridae). Rob Ryan 277-278

Flight time of Eriopygodes imbecilla (Fabr.) (Lep.: Noctuidae) The Silurian. Tony Pickles 278-279

A British record of Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton, 1856 (Lep.: Phyllocnistidae). Robert Homan 279-281

Olive Crescent Trisateles emortualis (d. & S.) (Lep.: noctuidae) colony discovered in Suffolk. Tony Prichard 285

Book Reviews

The Geometrid Moths of Europe Volume 3, Larentiinae 1 286

Microlepidoptera of Europe. Volume 6: Gelechiidae II (Gelechiinae: Gnorischemini.... 287-288

Addenda et Corrigenda

Addenda et Corrigenda 288