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contents - volume 125 (part 1)

Published 25th January 2013

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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Scythris fallacella (Schläger, 1847) (Lep.: Scythrididae): an account of the early stages. R. J. Heckford and S. D. Bevan 1-3

The discovery of Brachmia inornatella (Douglas, 1850) (Lep.: Gelechiidae) in North Hampshire, with notes on its life history and a larval description. P. H. Sterling, M. J. Wall and J. R. Langmaid 14-17

Pempeliella alibotuschella (Drenowski, 1932) (Lep.: Pyralidae, Phycitinae) Bona sp. and discovery of the male. Boyan Zlatkov and Colin W. Plant 19-28


Changes to the County Moth Recorders List 6-7

Lepidoptera Dissection Group website and forum (www.dissectiongroup.co.uk). Brian Goodey11

Caloptilia hemidactylella (D.& S.) (Lep.: Gracillariidae) – recorded in West Suffolk. Ben Sale12-13

On butterflies in moth-traps, and the migration of the Red Admiral butterfly Vanessea atalanta (L.) (Nymphalidae) and the Silver Y moth Autographa gamma (L.) (Noctuidae). Paul Waring 18

A new site for the Purple Emperor butterfly, Apatura iris (L.) (Lep., Nymphalidae), in Oxfordshire. Rob Ryan 29

Nesting ecology of the solitary wasp, Ansitrocerus nigricornis (Curtis 1826). Ross Piper 29-33

Moth populations and bad weather – four speculative observations. Mark R. Shaw 33-37

Was 2012 such a bad year for moths? Andrew Wood 37-38

Comparison of Lepidoptera recorded at light in 2011 and 2012, at Spurn and Kilnsea, East Yorkshire (VC 61). Barry Spence 39

The snakefly Subilla confinis (Stephens) (Raphidioptera, Raphidiidae) new to Berkshire. Rob Ryan 39-40

News from the Recording Schemes

Gelechiid Recording Scheme. Stephen and Carolyn Palmer 8-9

Leaf-Mining Lepidoptera Recording Scheme. Rob Edmunds9-10


Paul Anthony Sokoloff 1948 - 2012 4-6