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contents - volume 129 (part 1)

Published 25th January 2017

Peer-reviewed Papers:

Contribution to knowledge of the Lepidoptera fauna of the Balkan Peninsula. Stoyan Beshkov 9-33

Ectoparasites from small mammals in mid Wales. R. J. C. Page 35-51

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Dichrorampha acuminatana (Lienig & Zeller, 1846) (Lep.: Tortricidae): discovery of a larva in the autumn feeding within a flower head of Oxeye Daisy Leuanthemum vulgare1-2

Monitoring the Marsh Moth Athetis pallustris (Hb.) (Lep. Noctuidae) in 2016 at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes, Lincolnshire. Paul Waring 3-4

The Four-spotted Moth Tyta luctuosa (D. & S.), the Grizzled Skipper butterfly Pyrgus malvae (L.) and the Emperor Moth Saturnia pavonia (L.) at Werrington Brook Drain, Peterborough in 2016. Paul Waring 5-8

Phylloncnistis citrella Stt. (Lep.: Phyllocnistidae) in Hertfordshire. Colin W. Plant 34

The re-discovery of Grammotaulius nitidus (Muller, 1764) (Tri.: Limnephilidae) at Woodwalton Fen National Nature Reserve, Huntingdonshire and an overview of its UK status. Kevin Royles 52-54

A late flight of yellow-barred Brindle Acasis viretata (Hb.) (Geometridae) at Rye, East Sussex. Keith Palmer 54-55

The Concolorus Photedes extrema (Hb.) (Lep.: Noctuidae) well-established at Hampton
Newt Reserve, Peterborough. Paul Waring 55

Appeal for contributions. Editor 56