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contents - volume 132 (part 5)

Published 25th September 2020

Peer-reviewed Papers:

A preliminary report on the moth fauna of the Jagodina region of Serbia. Boban Stankovic 235-243

A new site for Tricholeiochiton fagesii (Guinard, 1879) (Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae) in Ireland. John T. Brophy & James P. O’Connor 244-248

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Parallel Lines Grammodes bifasciata (Petagan, 1787) (Lep.; Erebidae) new to Britain from Cambridgeshire. Trevor Brownsell & Ben Sale 209-210

Pyrausta aurata (Scopoli, 1763) (Lep.: Crambidae): an adventive species new to Ireland. Nick A. Littlewood, Patrick Keown & Rose Toney 211

Diplopseustis perieresalis (Walker, 1859) (Crambidae) new to Scotland. Nick Candlish & Mark Young 212

Sharp-angled Carpet Euphyia unangulata (Haw.) Lep.: Geometridae – a new Scottish macro moth species. Ronald W Forrester 213-214

Saturnia pavonia (Linnaeus, 1758) (Lep.: Saturniidae). A case of delayed eclosure for 14 months. Dafydd Lewis 214

A Cream-spot Tiger-moth Arctia villica (Linnaeus) captured in a light-trap at West Walton, West Norfolk. Paul Waring & Dee Shore 215-216

Parachronistis albiceps (Zeller) (Lep.: Gelechiidae) larva mining Sallow Salix sp. shoot. Guy H. J. Meredith .217-218.

Boathouse Gem Thysanoplusia daubei (Boisduval, 1840) (Lep.: Noctuidae), a migrant new to Ireland. Tony Bryant 218-219

Suffolk Ant-lion Euroleon nostras (Geoffroy) (Neur.: Myrmeleontidae): First positive evidence of primary immigration to Britain. Tom Stewart 220-221

More notes on Hemlock Conium maculatum as host-plant for the British Swallowtail butterfly Papilio machaon L. ssp. britannicus Switz (Papilionidae). Kevin Radley& Hannah Breach 222-224

Monitoring the Marsh Moth Athetis pallustris (Hb.) (Lep.: Noctuidae) in 2017. Paul Waring & Dee Shore 224-225

The fate of two pupae of the Orange-tip Anthocharis cardamines L. (Lep.: Pieridae) in the wild on Garlic Mustard Alliaria petiolata (M. Bieb) Cavara & Grande. Chris Tyler- Smith & Yali Xue 226-232

Bohemannia auriciliella (Joannis) (Lep.: Nepticulidae): four specimens found at Gloucestershire site with a previous record. Guy H. J. Meredith 233-234


Samuel Alan Knill-Jones 249-252