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contents - volume 136 (part 3)

Published 25th May 2024

Peer-reviewed Papers:

Pseudozarba bipartita (Herrich-Schaffer, [1850]), (Lep.: Noctuidae) recorded in Britain. David Wallace 105-106

Coleophora hydrolapathella (Hering, 1921) (Lep.: Coleophoridae) breeding on Rumex crispus L. in southern England. William B. V. Langdon 107-118

Conistra gallica (Lederer) – a new species for Italy (Lep.: Noctuidae). Peter Huemer 131-135

Macromoth species accumulation over time a South Cambridgeshire garden: Recording method contributions, inferred origins and wider context. Chris Tyler-Smith & Yali Xue 136-144

Variation in post-mating behaviour in Capnia atra Morton, 1896 (Plecoptera: Capniidae) observed in British and Irish populations. Hugh B. Feeley & Craig R. Macadam 145-149

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First Welsh records of Sorhagenia janiszewskae (Riedl) (Lep.: Cosmopterigidae) and Monochroa arundinetella (Boyd) (Lep.: Gelechiidae). George Tordoff 119-122

Ectoedemia atricollis (Stainton, 1857) (Lep.: Nepticulidae) mining Blackthorn Prunus spinosa L. and Rowan Sorbus aucuparia L. William B. V. Langdon & James E. Hammond 122-125

Observations on second-generation Papilio machaon L. (Lep.: Papilionidae) in the Norfolk Broads. Kevin Radley & Hannah Breach 125-128

Helsby – a hotspot for Luffia lapidella (Lep.: Psychidae) in Cheshire (VC 58) Tom Smith128-129

Chamomile Shark Cucullia chamomillae ([D.& S.]) (Lep.: Noctuidae) flying in late September. Barry Dickerson 130

Another UK record of Bactra venosana (Zeller, 1847) (Lep.: Tortricidae). Richard Fox & Tony Davis 130

Oleander Hawk-moth Daphnis nerii (L.) (Lep.: Sphingidae) of Crete. Henry Edmunds.149-150

The occurrence of Scrobipalpa clintoni Povolny, 1968 on the Moray Coast, well away from its usual localities on the western coast of Scotland. Mark Young 150-152

Saturnia pavoniella Scopoli, 1793, (Lep.: Bombycoidea) in western Hungary. Peter Davey

Book Reviews:

The Larger Moths of Scotland 154-155

The Little Book of... [Beetles], [Trees], [Spiders], [Butterflies] 156