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Copyright Information relating to the Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation

Who owns the copyright?

Since we have paid for everything, the Editor retains the legal copyright on all articles published in our journal on behalf of the Editorial Panel (except that photographers retain their own copyright on photographs we publish and we make no claim over this unless we have paid for the pictures in question).

Photographers should be contacted for copyright permissions. Where these are not the same people as the authors the Editor can provide contact details.

What this actually means:

We do not permit anyone to make a profit from any of our published material unless permission is given in writing by the Editor. We would normally expect a fee or a royalty arrangement in such an event.

The sale of reprints by an author or others is a breach of copyright over which we promise to get upset! Reprints are intended to be given away free of charge. This applies to commercial dealers as well as private individuals and if you are a commercial bookseller or similar and wish to sell reprints you must ask for our written permission.

However, as far as the authors of papers are concerned we do not go overboard on copyright. If you repeat your paper elsewhere, in a non-profit exercise, we do not mind as long as it bears words to the effect that it first appeared in year XXX, in the Entomologists Record & Journal of Variation volume X, pages Y - Z.

Text of any length may be quoted from the journal, and illustrative material used (except where copyright is reserved by the photographer and so is not ours to give permission), as long as credit is given to all the original authors and the journal. This will normally be in the standard form of quoting references.

Authors may photocopy their own articles, without further permission, for any non-profit making purpose.

Photocopying, computer-scanning or otherwise reproducing an article that you did not write may be a breach of copyright.

We make exceptions for educational purposes. If in doubt please ask us first.

Students (both full time or part time) who are formally registered at an educational institution whose library has paid for at least one copy of the journal may copy that paid-for journal for any purpose of direct relevance to their education at that institution provided that it is a non-profit making purpose. Staff at that same institution may do likewise. This applies at all educational levels from Primary School to post-graduate university level in all countries of the World.

Anybody who wishes to quote part or all of a paper published in this journal, however, is required to acknowledge the author and to quote the journal, volume number, page numbers and year of publication. Failure to do so will be regarded as a breach of copyright.

The Editor is always pleased to lend a sympathetic ear to copyright related requests and rarely says no if he is asked first. E-mail him by clicking here.

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